A Simple Way to Develop Static Content Websites

Eiffel leverages the power of several popular tools like Middleman, Webpack, SASS, and Netlify. Each tool has been pre-configed for ease of use and flexability, while several start templates will be available in the future.


  • Middleman — Static site generator built in Ruby
    pre-configured with live-reloading, asset minification, favicon generation, and extra support for managing mutli-page sites (directory indexes, body class for identifying actively loaded page)
  • Webpack 4.0 — External asset loader for Sass, BabelJS, and Webfont support
  • Autoprefixer to add all neccesary CSS vendor prefixes (automagically)
  • Basic SASS grid framework, variable system, and basic utility classes
  • Pre-Configured with NetlifyCMS for simple content management